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Our Wash Equipment

Each fleet and location has different needs. We partner with you at every step: initial consult, site visit, installation, commissioning, and superior post-sales service for your system.

From transit authorities, school districts, military bases, and everything in between, we can provide a wash system that is highly effective for you!

Our InterClean wash systems are fully automated and easy to maintain, needing little to no manpower to operate.

With almost unlimited ways we can configure to meet your needs, Caliber and Interclean's design staff will work with you to create a cleaning solution that maximizes efficiency while minimizing environmental footprint:


  • Automatic drive-through friction systems with brushes

  • Touch-less systems using high-pressure configurations

  • A combination of both brushes and touch-less

  • Gantry setups for large vehicles with unique shapes and configurations

  • Interior trailer wash out, manual stations, single brush walk behind

  • Additional options such as undercarriage wash, recycled water, interior trailer washout, and spot-free rinse

bus wash.jpg

Drive-through Systems

Perfect for medium to large fleets, drive-through systems use a combination of detergents, high-pressure jets, and/or brushes to clean your vehicles quickly and efficiently.

These systems provide the quickest wash cycles and allow your drivers to simply drive right through the wash.


Roll-over Gantry Systems

Perfect for small to medium fleets or vehicles with unique shapes, roll-over systems do all the work!

Your vehicle simply parks in the wash bay while detergents, high-pressure jets, and/or brushes precisely manuever around the vehicle.


Truck Wash.jpeg

What's right for you?

There's a lot to consider with putting in a wash system. In our first phone call, we will discuss:

  • The type of vehicles and size of your fleet,

  • How often your fleet needs to be washed,

  • Your budget and future ROI for your wash system,

  • How your day is :-)

  • Any environmental and sustainability considerations, and

  • Your location and any existing equipment.

After this initial consultation, we often schedule a free site visit to review power sources, water line location and size, drainage system, and any additional needs.

All of this together will allow us to determine what system configuration will be right for you!

Installation and Beyond

Our team will install, start up, and maintain your system so you have ultimate peace of mind.

See it in action! Check out this timelapse of a two lane touch-less bus wash install in Orlando. 4 days into 4 minutes!

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