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  • What kinds of wash systems do you have?
    We have a huge variety of sorts and sizes for any heavy duty vehicle fleet. Our wash systems clean buses, semi-trucks, trains, military vehicles, planes, and more. We even have specialtiy equipment that washes out the inside of semi-trucks and mobile units.
  • What kind of wash system should I get?
    The basic types of heavy duty vehichle wash systems are Drive-through, where you drive your vehicle through the wash bay, Roll-over gantry, where you park and the system manuevers around your vehicle, or A combination of both. Either of these can use spinning brushes, a touchless system of high pressure jets, or both. With an almost unlimited number of system configurations and custom features, our specialists at Caliber can help you figure out what's best for your fleet based on your fleet size, type of vehicle, frequency of washes, location, environmental impact, and your budget.
  • Do you only sell InterClean equipment?
    As an authorized distributor for InterClean, the bulk of our wash equipment endeavors involve InterClean equipment. We love InterClean equipment because its made in the USA, backed by decades of experience, and extraordinarily reliable and effective.
  • What additional features can be added to my wash system?
    Depending on your fleet's needs, we can use an undercarriage or chassis wash, wheel wash, roof mops, recycled water, interior trailer washout, spot-free rinse, blowers for fast drying and water conservation, and more.
  • How much does a system cost?
    Because these systems are highly customized rather than "out of the box," the price range is quite wide depending on your needs. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more!
  • Does Caliber Truck Wash Solutions do car washes?
    No, we specialize in heavy duty vehicle wash systems.
  • Do you provide soaps and detergents?
    Yes, we offer eco-friendly soaps specifically formulated for the heavy duty vehicle wash industry.
  • Do you work with design and engineering firms?
    Yes, Caliber and InterClean will happily work with your design and engineering firm to plan the best system for your new facility. If you need to build a new facility and don't already have a design and engineering firm, we have lasting relationships with highly qualified companies that we can recommend to you.
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